Non woven Geo Textile

The most widespread product in the family of Geosynthetics is non woven geotextile fabric. This merchandise is a random assembly of synthetic fibers, put collectively, which are mechanically & thermally bonded to make into a single layer, normally made of non woven polypropylene geotextiles and polyester types. Geotextile fabrics are man-made based on typical application. A Geotextile fabric is permeable in nature, it connects with the soil and having an ability to separate, drain, filter, and repair in trouble-free manner.

-Road construction, highways and highway embankments.
-Airport runways.
-Shore defense in reclamation works.
-Asphalt repaving of roads.
-Coastal and riverbank revetment systems.
-Protection for geomembrane in landfills.
-Geobags manufacturing.
-Soil erosion control.